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Benefits of Solar

Save Money Every Month on Electric

Solar is a great way to reduce monthly bills by, in some cases, as much as 85%.

Go Green with Renewable Energy

Arizona is the ideal place to use its renewable energy source that is plentiful and here to stay.

ZERO Money


Easy, flexible payment options to suit every budget, including cash and zero down financing.

Low Maintenance Costs

Best of breed technology means you enjoy the benefits of solar without any hassle.

26% Federal & $1k State Tax Credit

Enjoy both Federal and State tax credits through December 31, 2021!

Long Term Install & Equipment Warranty

We offer a 10 year workmanship and 20 or 25 year equipment warranty (by manufacturer).

Best of Breed Technology

Bishop Solar offers the best inverter, panel and battery cell technology on every system.

Affordable Systems & Faster ROI

Solar systems are more mainstream and affordable than ever before.

How Solar Power Works

Think of this from the sun down.  First the rays hit the solar panels themselves where the solar energy is turned into direct current electricity.  

Then it's transferred to the inverter which converts the power to alternating current.

Next you’ve normally got a solar meter, followed by an isolation switch (with a trip), then it hits the consumer unit where it is ready to be used or exported to the grid via a net meter (when in excess).

Best of Breed Partners
Arizona Solar Services


From free quote and roof inspection to installation and maintenance, we make it easy to go solar.


Fit energy design, sustainable renewable energy. Fit rate selections to meet customer directives for energy efficiency and optimization.  


Private Public Partnerships.  RFP, procurement, design build.


Maintaining production and performance at levels to assure system design yields expected  ROI 

Why Choose Bishop Solar

The Bishop Solar team installation experts have over 20 years experience with Solar design and engineering. Our team is dedicated to designing the system that best fits your individual needs and on a budget you can afford.

Bishop Solar puts the needs and goals of our customers first.  Our sales and design team match customer needs with a specific design solution. Before each project starts, each customer will Know Their Power.

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